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Our firm understands the importance of child custody and parenting time. If you have never had a court order for custody and/or parenting time and you now need court involvement to get the rights that you are entitled to, contact our firm right away to get the process started! If you currently have a custody and/or parenting time order and you believe it is in the child’s best interests to change the court order, contact our firm right away to discuss your circumstances and begin the process to change the order.

Child custody and parenting time are not decided by the court overnight except in extreme circumstances where temporary custody can be awarded due to urgent situations. So if you are looking to establish or change custody and/or parenting time, contact our firm right away.

Once the court orders custody and/or parenting time, the court will also maintain jurisdiction over child support unless the parties choose to “opt out” of the Friend of the Court services for child support issues. Contact our office to discuss the need for a child support determination. Child support can be determined or reviewed through divorce cases, changes in custody and parenting time, or any other time you believed child support needs to be recalculated.


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